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Cat in Black chapter 2 The mission. Next day.
Blaze:The reason were eating here is so where we can fill our stomachs before we leave. We have 1 hour before we start our mission.
Knuckles:I can't wait. I love kickkin butt!
Sliver:I'm sure you do.
Blaze:I hope Eggman Nega dosn't attack Jane.
(1 hour later)
Blaze:We're all ready.Does eneryone need to piss?
Sonic:Shadow,take it easy.
Shadow:I'm fine,faker.
Sonic:I might have to take you down.
Shadow:Try it NOW D*** YOU!
Sonic:Oh,it's on!
Blaze:Calm down boys.
(Later on the trip)
Tails:Blaze,what's our first stop.
Blaze:Canio Night zone.
Sonic:Sweet!Sonic 2 replay.
Tails:Your right!
(After putting on black again)
Blaze:Are you all ready?
Silver:Watch it Shadow.
Shadow:I am.
Sonic:No the hell your not.
Shadow: YES I DO!
Silver:It's ok Sonic,I got your back.
Sonic:Thanks Silver.
(In a cerma room)
Egg pawn:Dr.Eggman Nega,Blaze and her friends are here.
Eggman Nega: Pefrect,Capture Blaze and kill Shadow and Silver. HA HA HA!
Sonic:Holy s***.LOOK!
Blaze:D***,he's on to us split up!
3 fireproof Egg Pawns jump out and grab Blaze. 1 puts his hand over Blaze's mouth.
Egg Pawn: mission cleared.Blaze the cat kidnapped.
Eggman Nega:Perfect! Bring her here to me.HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
(With team Sonic:Sonic,Tails and Amy.)
Sonic: I don't see noting.
Rouge:It's me. Blaze has been caught.I'll help you.
Sonic:Thanks Rouge.
Rouge:No prob. (End of chapter 2.)
Cat in Black chapter chapter 2.Rouge is in this chapter.
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August 14, 2012
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